“Dumble Flower” Dunbar is a fantastic dad that loves spending time with his offspring and is often seen “running the crèche”.  Dunbar at 6 years of age is proven with a 75% + heifer progeny, and comes from a meat and wool cup line.  Dunbar is yellow in colour and has produced most colours in his progeny (Dun, Yellow, Red, Brindle and white – with the exception being black) All calves have continued his docile temperament.



2.__Walter.jpgSIR WALTER:

“Big (W) Dub” - Walter is our “pet steer” His goal in life has always been to honour and obey his “lady Pebbles” and he has jumped gates to do so.  He is the direct brother of our first bull “Archie”. Walter’s back is now 1 inch shorter than the height of our yards (1.6mtr) and his horns (1.3mtr tip to tip) have not fitted down our race for some years. But in spite of his size he is always careful of the placement of his horns and loves attention.



PIED PIPER:2._Piper.jpg

“Piper” is our oldest lady and at 15 is the matriarch and peace maker, she joined our fold in her later years.  Piper is a beautiful red girl with a gentle nature, loves being brushed in the paddock and is one of the few Highlands worldwide to produce twins.  She resembles the true original Scottish “Highlands type”.




“Kenzie” is our “little lady” and 11 years of age. She arrived to us as an older girl, from a big herd with not a lot of understanding of her place in the world, she has blossomed in a smaller herd, with regular people contact and is normally first up for treats. Kenzie resembles the true original “Isles type” Highland (small, black and year round woolly).  


CADBURY PEBBLES:2016-06-30_18.34.55.jpg

“Pebbles” was our first heifer, now at 9 years of age.  She is a fantastic dark red / brindle colouring with blonde tips on her dossen (fringe) and tail.  Her progeny is always docile, and normally with a cheeky but endearing personality that give them the wow!  She is also of the “Highland type”




“Kaylee” is a very cool little girl, and is definitely personality plus.  At 6 years of age and yellow in colour, she is smaller then her counterparts “Piper and Pebbles” but what she misses in size she has certainly made up for in charisma. 0nce again producing docile progeny.  Kaylee has up until recently been the “baby” of the herd and hence enjoyed the liberties that have come with that.



CAYMAN ISLES:2016-06-13_14.55.30.jpg

“Cayman” is one of our latest girls to be brought in in June 2016.  Although an unproven red heifer of 3 years of age, Cayman has a docile temperament, impeccable bloodlines, an amazing structure, looking to be of the true “Highland type” -  with a presence rarely seen.  We look forward to her future at Woolly Manor Moos.



“Pippa” is also one of our latest girls to be brought in in June 2016.  She is 16 months old and unbeknown to us when we picked out “Pippa” we had no idea she was Cayman’s direct sister. She once again, has a docile temperament, amazing structure, impeccable bloodlines, and looks to be of the true “Highland type” - with a presence of “being” rarely seen.  We look forward to her future at Woolly Manor Moos


ETTA JAMES8._Etta_James.jpg

“Etta” is another of our new girls to arrive in June, she is 8 months old and is truly going to be a “watch this space” for Woolly Manor Moos in 2016.  With amazing “Highland type” structure and a docile nature we also look forward to escorting ‘Etta James” at the lower North Island NZ A& P shows for 2016




One of these things is not like the rest of them! 

Spot walked into our farm quite literally, she and her daughter walked in the drive and stayed ever since.  The local farmer who they technically belonged to thought they were more trouble than they were worth. Sadly, as we found out when we TB tested the new arrivals, the daughter (Who was by now about 5 yrs. old) was too dangerous to stay – solid yards became matchsticks! but Spot clearly only wanted a herd to call her own.  She has a very gentle nature.

Woolly Manor Moos will not be selling her offspring.



We are currently updating our herd status - all Woolly Moos will be back on line shortly