Homeopathic Farm Support a hit!

Welcome to our first ever Woolly Moos News.  Yesterday I attended a 1-day seminar in Palmerston North on Homeopathy, run by Homeopathic Farm Support (HFS). But this wasn’t just your normal Homeopathic seminar it was Homeopathy with a twist.  We have all heard of Homeopathy at some time or another, and some are great believers.  Others like me have never really tried it.  But the twist with this seminar was it wasn’t just for people, it was geared for our animals to.

In fact, the seminars were for “Dairy & Sheep farmers time 9:00am – 3:30pm registration is essential” - How to use Homeopathic products on your herd. Useful for farmers who are new to Homeopathy and for those who are already using Homeopathy.

After only just recently hearing about HFS through word of mouth (some people are getting amazing results), I contacted them and started receiving HFS’s newsletter, and asked if as a Highland Breeder I could attend the seminar.

There was approximately 20 people in attendance from Wellington, Kapiti and the Manawatu Some were large Dairy Farmers, some sheep farmers, some farmers organically certified, others either on the way to certification or just giving the best natural remedies they can give their herds rather than turning to chemicals.  What really struck me was that the big dairy farmers that were already using these products swore by them.  They said not only were their animals healthier, calmer and more productive – they were saving a fortune on what they would normally spend on chemicals and vets.  Don’t get me wrong, vets are still going to these farms, but with a lot less frequency, and a lot less stress.

The day covered a range of topics from calving, Mastitis, infertility and lameness to Facial Eczema, Pink eye, stress and a raft of other topics.

What did I learn, well apart from a far better understanding of how Homeopathy works, and a basic knowledge of the more common problems and products. I learnt a deeper appreciation for our chosen regal breed the Highland, because when you get told they are hardy, they really are.  I haven’t heard of Highlands having Facial eczema or Rye grass staggers, and even Tineke the owner / tutor HFS commented on this.

What I did come away with was a list of some essentials that I will definitely be trying, and the first one not soon enough. As I write this whilst waiting for the vet to arrive for our big boy SIR Walter who is lame.  He weighs around 1100kg’s (un-naturally large for a Highland) and is 1.65mtr at the shoulder.  My poor boy is starting to get somewhat tired of keeping his weight on 3 legs.

ARNICA – (this one’s for Walter) This supports the body’s natural response in cases of injury and trauma.  Basically any Physical Stress.  This can be given acutely to an individual, but never on open wounds (Human or bovine) or to the whole herd via water trough (calving time is a good example for this).

IGNATIA This is for animals under Emotional stress. This may be due to experiencing loss, grief, shock, worry, fright or any emotional trauma. The list of (Possible) stresses here is long, from TB testing, ear tagging, transportation, halter training, difficult calving and weaning to name but a few.

Or if you a planning to show your animals then a 6 week course of MINERALS – to help with the natural absorption of mineral uptake, in conjunction with ALFALFA which works as a tonic and improves condition.  With this up your sleeve you sure to be a winner!

HFS have books on Homeopathy for Cattle, Horses, and for at home.  And all products are Bio Grow certified.

In a country that is known for being green I think we should all be taking the time to reduce the amount of chemicals we use, and Homeopathy on the farm is one way we can achieve this.  And when I say farm I mean small blocks and big blocks alike

Tineke and Homeopathic Farm Support have been perfecting their skills and products for over 20 years and that knowledge certainly shows. The seminar was enjoyable and full of great information and I would highly recommend anyone unsure of how Homeopathy works or what to use etc. to in the least have a look at their website www.farmsupport.co.nz  Homeopathic Farm Support also run a helpdesk so give them a call on 07 858 4233.  They are more than willing to talk.  Ask about seminars in your area.